It may have been short-lived, but Bryan Denman, Mike Lacher and Chris Baker made lunch high-stakes with Seamless Roulette. We would have loved to see that $40 sandwich.

Amazon’s reportedly got your holiday shopping covered this year with a mini-warehouse in midtown Manhattan. 

Amazon’s reportedly got your holiday shopping covered this year with a mini-warehouse in midtown Manhattan

Dominos announces voice-ordering on the Domino’s app.

Wearable tech that feels like skin? Learn more here, via The New York Times.

Surgeons are now being trained using 3D-printed heart models.

Meet Jibo, the world’s first family-friendly robot.

Gatorade teams with Peyton Manning and Cam Newton to make customers “Sweat It To Get It.” 

Watch five different Vine creators #BendTheRules in the first TV ad made entirely of Vines.

Gap taps David Fincher to direct ads for their new ‘Dress Normal’ campaign, and they are awesome. 

DiGiornio Pizza accidentally made light of a domestic violence hashtag. via mashable

Clean up your web browser with OneTab.

The Noke is the world’s first Bluetooth padlock.

Tired of her kid ignoring her calls and texts, this mom created Ignore No More, allowing parents to lock their children’s phones until they call home.


In case you were wondering: the now [infamous] scarf from the AppleLive event now has its own Twitter handle.

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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6Plus

The Verge has all the details but here are the biggest ones.

  • 4.6 inch OR 5.5 inch display
  • Both are thinner than the current iPhone 5S
  • Voice over LTE
  • Gigantic leap in battery life (more battery in the 6Plus)
  • Coming September 19th

The phones are going to come in 3 storage sizes, but, oddly, none come in 32 gig.

Phone 6 starts at 199 for 16GB, 299 for 64, 399 for 128GB.

Phone 6 Plus starts at 299 for 16GB, 399 for 64, 499 for 128GB.

Initial thoughts: Man, calling it the 6Plus is kind of lame. I thought we were past the “plus” thing… It reminds of the Palm Pre Plus. Also, I’m not crazy about the camera sticking out of the back of the phone either… but hopefully it’s small, and subtle enough, that I don’t feel it.

[photos via The Verge]

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