Submit all of your genius ideas to Quirky, and they’ll make them happen (for a portion of the profits).

Watch this talented kid play Pharrell’s Happy using a trombone and a looper tool.

iCracked is like Uber for broken iPhones and iPads.

Graph all of your favorite tv shows based on IMDB episode rating with GraphTV by Kevin Wu.

This animator dad makes his son’s action movie dreams come true with this amazing series of videos

File under: ideas so simple, yet genius. PullClean is a door handle that dispenses hand sanitizer, perfect for hospitals and germaphobes alike.

This great website for MTV’s Rule Switcher allows you to switch back and forth between #parentsrules and #kidsrules, depending on whether or not your lights are on.

Watch Apple take over the world with this gif of their store locations over time. x

Prank a friend or have some fun yourself with this great Site of the Day winner, a promotional site for Little Dragon’s new single Klapp Klapp.

We love HoneyMaid’s response to some negative feedback directed at their "This is Wholesome" ad campaign. Smart PR/marketing. 


Make Your Own Bagpipes with 3D Printer?

For more details contact here

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Here are the professions that that drink the most coffee. [via i09]

We come in at number 2!

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"The perfect Tweet length was right around 100 characters.”The Proven Ideal Length Of Every Tweet, Facebook Post, And Headline Online

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The “404 Faces” of RFI Studios

In celebration of 404 Day, we thought we’d show you our best “404 Faces,” aka the immediate, emotional reactions we have to the fateful message: 404 Error, Page Not Found.






We even took it to the next level and invented our own HTTP error: