You will soon be able to charge your phone while working out! Researchers have developed a temporary tattoo sensor that responds to sweat by using your electrons to generate an electrical current. via Mashable

Take your iPhone’s music to the next level with Blend app.

'FitBit for Infants' - new wearable brings peace of mind to new parents everywhere. via mashable

Sometimes dinner is as simple as Push For Pizza.

This couple used the #ShareACoke Campaign to make their baby announcement, and the result is both comical and sweet.

Google Glass for your car’s windshield? Navdy is like driving in the future. 


Movoto, a real estate site, recently analyzed torrent downloading behavior from 4 million seeding nodes, and 3 million unique IP addresses to figure out what Americans are torrenting.

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For the digitally challenged among us, Twitter is testing ‘translated’ hashtags. via mashable 

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Dunkin Donuts is excited for Shark Week, and you should be too.

Brands react to the recent release of Sharnado2: The Second One via Adweek